Randy Hartley, solo guitarist and photographer in development(non-registered)
It has been a grandiose pleasure meeting you and now seeing your work in here. We first met, of course, at a wedding in August, 2014 when you were photographing and I was playing solo guitar.

It was a serendipitous pleasure when you contacted me two years later to ask me to perform at the Molalla Historical Society Apple Festival on September 10, 2016. That was a multi-faceted experience for me not only because I performed on the guitar but was able to put my newly-learned photography skills to work. When I brought out my camera, you told me that you were very busy with your duties at the Apple Festival and asked me if I would take some photos. Those were magic words to me, because I happen to believe that the click of a camera's shutter release is a truly beautiful sound. I took pictures and you and I shared photography and photo marketing techniques, and we have agreed to get together in your studio to share information about the many aspects of the craft and business of photography.

You also inspired me to become a registered member of Zenfolio - an action that will, I believe, serve me very well as I expand my skills and portfolio as a photographer.

I am very much looking forward to spending time with and learning from you how to become a much better photographer. Thank you for taking the time to remember me from that wedding two years ago and being willing to share your skills and ideas with me.
Randy Hartley
Glenn Stoneking-Jones(non-registered)
wow kewl website Dave love the pics.
Jonathan Kipp(non-registered)
Amazing photography!!
Eric Olson(non-registered)
I meet a lot of people who claim to be a photographer. You on the other hand claimed to be an engineer who enjoys photography. I'm here to tell you that you are the real deal. Your work if fantastic. Keep clicking!

Donovan Madden(non-registered)
I love your photography. As an artist I appreciate your eye for composition, color and subject. Very, very special work.
Coral Strickland(non-registered)
Wow! Who ever knew from way back in jr hi how talented you really are? Beautiful!
Awesome Dave! You Rock
Tom Geil(non-registered)
Dave, I had no idea of your incredible talent in photography. I wouldn't dare to show you mine now! :) Fantastic portfolio. I am superbly impressed.
Joe Wilson(non-registered)
Pretty cool photography! I really like the dart-in-flight photo. That couldn't have been easy to capture.
Richard Wilde(non-registered)
Stunning photos. Great meeting you earlier this evening at the potluck. Your work should be seen by anyone who truly loves great photography and artistic talent.
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