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Venice is, without a doubt the most beautiful and magical city I've yet to visit.  To be sure, its a photo rich environment.  I hope some of the snaps I share here help to show what I was feeling as I wandered through the maze of narrow streets, alleys, and canals.




Here is a typical view from one of the many bridges across the canals.  Boats, towers, buildings.  Probable not much different than several hundred years ago.














Yet, another church!  There are a lot on the island.  This one has a rather grand facade.














A weather vane of grand design.  Such funny little people on top!















My travel whore buddy, John... just feeling good about the day.














One of the many statues tucked away.  Manly men!
















Yes, another church.  This one, with a big, really big dome.
















Rush hour on the canal.  Amazingly, the boats never seem to hit each other.















Choppy waters... no problems.  The gondolas make their way along the grand canal.
















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Grand Med 2013 Amsterdam Day ZERO http://molallacowboy.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/4/grand-med-2013-day-0 2014 was a big year for me.  Finally made it to the North Western Grand Mediterranean on a cruise, provided by Norwegian (NCL).  It was an amazing time to take some new photographs outside of my usual haunts here on the USA Pacific west coast.  From Portland, to Amsterdam, then onto Venice on a very long air flight, were, amazingly, nothing bad happened.  Everything on time, nothing lost or stolen, even got good food on the plane.  Amazing.



Amsterdam AirportPosing for a cheesy photo.


This photo is just a cheesy shot taken while running through the gate from one plane to another.  Wish I could have snapped some photos out the window of the plane, as the city and surrounding area was very beautiful.














The airport gangway was a lot nicer than what I see here in the states.  I held up the line just to get this photo through the glass panels.

Amsterdam AirportAirport through the looking glass A stunning image in a common place where you would not expect to find it. This was at the end of the gangway just before entering the airplane.


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2012 Rogue River http://molallacowboy.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/7/2012-rogue-river Welcome to my 2012 Rogue River Whitewater Rafting Adventure blog.  These are a few of the more notable photos taken during our trip.  While I wish many more photos were available, between the rain and me just being asleep at the trigger, many photo opportunities were lost to memory.  Still, from what was salvaged... enjoy.  Here is a quick slideshow of all the photos in the album, set to some drum music.


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